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Our Story


August 2016 - Ground Zero 

Ribfest, London ON, 2016 - Globally Local serves a vegan version of the most iconic fast food burger on the planet.  What happens next is shocking.

Their vegan "famous burger" sells out at a meat festival. 


October 2016 - Vegan Food Truck

Their truck hits the road, serving up the now called famous burger to everyone who wants to try it.  Everywhere.  They bring it to them.


December 2016 - Brick and Mortar

Globally Local launches their first restaurant.  New menu items emerge weekly and soon a complete fast food menu is born.  


June 2017 - 24 Hour Drive-thru

Everyone wants more.  More often.  Globally Local now opens around the clock at a second location and becomes the world's first 24 hours vegan drive thru.


December 2017 - The franchise

A national expansion strategy is created.